Finally, what no one has waited for is finally here: the DIY semi-solo semi-debut semi-album of The Society Of Poor Academics! It's called Du fortjener bedre enn Eivind Kirkeby, which is Norwegian for "you deserve better than Eivind Kirkeby". It's a collection of recordings done through 2007-2008 plus a handfull of older recordings recycled from earlier online releases, making up a 40-track 70-minutes-plus extravaganza of obscure lo-fi indie hipster music, ten tracks of which are covers; the rest are all amazing original pieces. Each copy is numbered and comes in CD-R format with its own unique cover, featuring semi-unique hand drawn cover artwork - see below for pictures. It may or may not be made available for online downloading at some point in the future and it may or may not rock your world; no refunds given if your world remains unrocked.

Through the album you will hear a Casio SA-35 keyboard, a Yamaha 83 B-4BR Electone electronic organ, and a piano in need of tuning. Plus the occassional guitar. Most of the tracks were recorded using either the Cowon iAUDIO U2 portable music player or the Cowon D2 portable multimedia player.

You can currently hear sample tracks from the release on MySpace. You can also check out for possible music clips and charts.

If you would like your very own copy of this release, you can e-mail Eivind Kirkeby. The price, you ask? Either 11 USD via PayPal to (yes, a different e-mail than the contact address given above, just to mess with your heads), something from this Amazon wishlist, or some other possible trade/donation. E-mail and we shall come to an agreement.




01. “Du fortjener bedre…” [Instrumental] 02. Spider-Man 3 (Loneliness Will Kill You) 03. You Provoke Me [Casio] 04. Cubs In Five The Mountain Goats 05. Paper 06. Seashanty #1 [Instrumental] 07. Don't Go Quietly 08. Badger Song The Extra Glenns 09. A Very Short Song About Ice Cream 10. Kattejammer [Talking] 11. Sweet Christmas 12. Why Are You Doing This To Me? 13. Yeah! Oh, Yeah! The Magnetic Fields 14.Rocketroll 15. Arc Of Time Bright Eyes 16. Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton The Mountain Goats 17. In My Dreams 18. Julen Er Her 19. I Suck 20. A Very Short Song About The Rain 21. Sweet Snow 22. Seashanty #2 [Instrumental] 23. We Both Go Down Together The Decemberists 24. Yes, You Are Beautiful 25. A Very Short Song About Yummy Red Apples 26. I Don’t Believe In The Sun The Magnetic Fields 27. Tusen Takk 28. Ren Rock 29. You Provoke Me [Piano] 30. Beatdown 31. Min Sang Til Deg 32. Tianchi Lake The Mountain Goats 33. A Very Short Apology Song 34. Så Flink Du Er! [Talking] 35. Sludder-Hopp 36. The World’s Greatest R. Kelly / Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy 37. Ikke Si At Det Er Over 38. “… enn Eivind Kirkeby” [Instrumental] 39. Epilogue: Dear Ice Cream Man [Semi-Instrumental] 40. Bonus: You Provoke Me [PBF Mix]





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