What follows is some useless but possibly interesting trivia about most of the originals songs from the collection. The songs have been listed in ascending chronological order.


Julen Er Her

Arguably my first original song, made before I knew how to bash out chords. The lyrics are more or less improvised as I'm doing it. It's probably the recording with the best quality on this collection as I believe it was recorded with a proper microphone plugged to my computer.

Spider-Man 3 (Loneliness Will Kill You)

I believe this is my first proper song. It was called "Loneliness Will Kill You" in an earlier incarnation, and including both names is a sort of nod to the original. Spider-Man 3 hadn't premiered yet when this was written and recorded, but it was right around the corner and I was planning on seeing it.

Sweet Christmas

"I wonder if I could make a Christmas song?" I asked myself, and this was the result. I tried doing a number of recordings of this, but never felt I managed to get it right - including the final version that was used.

Don't Go Quietly

There's a website that has an impressive collection of chords and lyrics for Stephin Merritt songs. On this website there's a rarities section, tracks from various compilations or singles, none of which I'd heard at the time. I get the idea to try to play one of these songs, knowing just the lyrics and the chords from the site, for the fun of it. I do a version of a song called "The Man Amplifier", and I'm pretty happy with the melody and overall result. Turns out that wasn't the original melody. I decide to use it for my own, writing new lyrics, but sort of borrowing the chorus and letting it decide the overall theme of the new song.

Why Are You Doing This To Me?

My personal favourite. This is based on a true event and it was written and recorded the same day as the true event transpired as a way to vent. It reminds me of why I initially started writing poetry and lyrics, namely as a form of self-therapy, finding relief in expressing some of the more negative thoughts and feelings you're carrying around inside you in a creative way. I believe this was written and recorded in about 15-30 minutes.

Sweet Snow

It took me a while to finish this song. I had the melody, I had the first verse and the first chorus, and it stayed like that for several months. Eventually I managed to get more lyrics for it down, but I was never as happy with the second part as I was with the first. At one point I was considering if I should make this song about a werewolf curse or a crazed murderer. The idea of the werewolf / crazed murderer can be glimpsed in the line "we'll explore the deeper shades of red", which I thought had a brilliant double meaning, creating images of passion and violence. And werewolves. This song helped establish my sweet song series. This is another song I was never able to get quite right.


Done for a "mix CD trade" that was organized over at the forums for The Mountain Goats where all the participants were given random one-word themes on which to base their mixes. The one I got was "paper", and I decided doing a little original song for it.

A Very Short Song About Ice Cream

I believe this was recorded under my desk, which is an interesting way to record a song.

You Provoke Me

The only other song on this collection I consider to be entirely based on true events. Everything in this song I have experienced some way or the other, and yes, it has all provoked me immensely. Some facts have been altered some and jumbled up though, and it's not all about one specific guy or gal. If so, that person would have been Provocation Incarnate, blessed be his/her unholy presence. The Casio version is closer to how I'd initially envisioned it: loud and aggressive. Though didn't turn out as loud and aggressive as I'd wanted. But most people tend to favor the softer piano version. As for the dance-synth-electronica version, that was done with an online friend of mine: he did an instrumental track, I sang along to it and recorded my vocals, and he then mixed my vocals together with the instrumental. He wants to work more with me, making more of my songs into club hits, but we'll see if anything manifests. And unfortunately I mispronounce the word discern in the first two recordings - it's not a word I'm used to hearing aloud.


I believe this one started out as a "I'm angry at a certain person and I'm going to write a song that illustrates why, that'll show him/her!" and the first thing that was written was the chorus which pretty much sums it up. But, as things often go, the song ended up going down a different and less autobiographical path. Also: in the USA a common greeting when meeting someone, be they strangers or friends, is to say Hi, how are you? And you're expected to either not answer it, perhaps just saying Hi, how are you? right back, or say that you're good. I don't like this greeting very much, as I may be feeling less-than-good when greeted and I generally don't feel comfortable lying. Silly American customs, potentially making me a liar.

I Suck

Intended to be loud and rocking, but was never able to execute it properly. And there was supposed to be no music, just vocals, in the chorus when "I suck" is sung.

A Very Short Song About Yummy Red Apples

I wanted an apple and went to get one from the fridge, and by the time I had done so I had made up this little jingle. I'm proud of the fact that I made it without any musical instrument, and when I played around with my Casio I was able to easily come up with chords that fit - almost like a real musician! And yes, that's a real apple I'm eating at the end, and it's the actual apple I ended up getting while I came up with the song. Another piece made within a fairly short amount of time.

Yes, You Are Beautiful

"Say, I've written a lot of rather negative songs lately," I thought to myself, "so perhaps I should try doing something more uplifting." This is the result. Improvised on the piano with just some basic lyrics ideas and the melody somewhat worked out prior to the recorded performance. Would probably have been better if I'd given myself some time to hammer at the song. Never could quite decide what to call this one - contenders have been "So", "So Beautiful", "Så Vakker", then finally "Yes, You Are Beautiful" and I'm not quite sure if I'm happy with that one either.

A Very Short Apology Song

I said something I didn't realize would hurt and anger someone, so this person gets mad and upset, so I apologize and try to explain that I didn't know he would find it upsetting. I don't think the apology was accepted as he firmly believed that he had given out plenty of clear-as-day hints as to how he felt, but I felt they had all been too ambiguous and almost black-as-night, wishing he could've just clearly stated what he wished to state. We are now sworn enemies, hellbent on each other's destruction.

Ikke Si At Det Er Over

I've had the melody, idea and chorus down for this song for a long time - probably over a year. Finally I sat down and managed to scrounge up some lyrics, though I know I could have done better. The chorus and title is Norwegian for "don't say that it's over", and you can pretty much deduce the rest of the song from that. This is without a doubt the song I've made so far that's the most difficult to perform. Or the most painful, rather; it's pure torture on my hands. The instrumental part was added to give my right hand some resting time.

A Very Short Song About The Rain

I was at a friend's house, jamming, when he had to leave to eat dinner. I stayed behind, and started  twanging on my friend's guitar. He returned roughly 10 minutes later, by which time, in a burst of inspiration, I had managed to record this. Can't recall whether it was raining outside or not. I was on all fours with the guitar on the floor while recording. Wanted to give it a gentle sound (in part because I didn't want anyone to hear me), but the vocals ended up being too loud compared to the guitar playing. Should've twanged those strings more loudly, or removed my singing hole further from the microphone.

Tusen Takk

From the same session with my friend, recorded sometime after he'd had dinner. The opposite problem from the one above, the vocals drowning in the guitar sound. But that's what rock'n'roll is all about, right? Right?! I rather like the idea behind the song, plus a few of its actual lines, but it feels a bit unpolished.

Min Sang Til Deg

I think this was done a day before the final collection went into "print". Thought it sounded decent, decided to include it. Could probably be expanded into a fuller song.


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