Various recordings that weren't used. All were considered for inclusion, except for the first one.


The Man Amplifier / Don't Go Quietly

See the description of "Don't Go Quietly" here for an explanation of this one.

A Very Short Apology Song (Remake)

The version of this song that was included was more or less the first take, and I did one or two more takes. This was the latest and the one I had initially planned on using. The sound quality is a bit better, the melody is slightly different here and there, but it lacks the John Mccain speech in the background that the original had.

Tusen Takk

The original version of this song with just me on the Casio. I felt it'd work better with electric guitar and a more rockin' sound, which was the version included on the collection. Does it actually work better? Who knows, but it's always a blast when I'm accompanied on guitar.

I Suck (Energetic)

Closer to how I'd originally envisioned the song. Unfortunately I was never able to get it right and thus went with something completely different, and the screechy vocals on this are less than good. Perhaps even poor.

California Song

Originally by The Mountain Goats. Definitely one of my better recordings, and very pleasant to listen to. But, nothing extraordinary about it either.

The Infanta

Originally by The Decemberists. This was used in a prior online collection of recordings. Just seemed funny to take a song that's supposed to sound big and epic and record it on your own on an electric organ. Lots of stumbling, mispronunciation, and overall non-superb vocal work, but I was slightly amazed at the time that I was able to pull off this version without any real practice, complete with some arrangement variations.


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