Alle har fått nok av Eivind Kirkeby (Norwegian for "everyone has had enough of Eivind Kirkeby") is another chunk of recordings from The Society Of Poor Academics recorded between 2009 and 2010 (except for "Drar Til Georgia" which was recorded in 2008). The collection features 43 tracks, which is a 7.5% increase in tracks from the previous full-length release. The tracks are conveniently divided into originals, covers, instrumentals, and collaborations - where the help of friends and acquintances has been sought to offer you, the potential consumer, exciting alternate hi-fi versions of some of the collection's originals. It comes in a plastic sleeve on a handsome vinyl-styled CD-R, and all copies are numbered and feature human designed but machine printed covers. See below for album- and promotional pictures.

We would also like to proudly present to you the very first official The Society Of Poor Academics music video, directed and edited by Eivind Kirkeby. The song which has been music videofied is the TKurata collaboration version of the song "The Exhilaration Of Spontaneous Ascension". Share it with your friends, and perhaps they will feel inspired to grant you a dose of spontaneous ascension.

All the original songs from Alle har fått nok av Eivind Kirkeby can be previewed over at See below for a complete tracklist. The Society Of Poor Academics can now also be found on facebook, and they can still be found on MySpace.

If you would like to own your very own copy of this collection, you can send an e-mail to The price, you ask? Either 11 USD via PayPal sent to (yes, a different e-mail than the contact address given above, just to mess with your heads), something from this Amazon wishlist, or some other possible trade.





Originals 01. Slemming 02. Our Respective Gods 03. Sweet Evening Air #1 04. A Very Short Song About Kissing 05. Think Positive, Let's Go! 06. Everything 07. Mysteriumssangen 08. Sweet Sufficient Frequency 09. A Very Short Song About Ice Cream #2 10. Du Er Aldri Grei Mot Meg 11. Dragon Tales On TV 12. Composing Mail Today 13. How Everyone Occasionally Feels 14. Don't Go Calmly 15. A Very Short Song About Sendspace 16. The Exhilaration Of Spontaneous Ascension 17. My Horse & Me [Piano Version] 18. I Want Action Figures For Christmas 19. Sweet Evening Air #2 20. Yummy Red Apples 21. Don't Badger Me 22. A Very Short Song About A Random Online Guy 23. Så Smil! 24. Care Bears On TV 25. Moving Hands

Covers 26. I’m Your Boyfriend Now They Might Be Giants 27. Girlfriend In A Coma The Smiths 28. Hulesangen from Jungledyret 2 29. Drar Til Georgia The Mountain Goats 30. Souvenir OMD 31. The Beautiful People Marilyn Manson 32. It’s Only Time The Magnetic Fields 33. Goodbye Song from Bear In The Big Blue House

Instrumentals 34. Dipping Into The Well #18 35. Unknown Shade Of Blue #31 36. Ad Hominem #44 37. Demo #58 38. Blast Podcasting Theme

Collaborations 39. Blast Podcasting Theme hukka 40. Our Respective Gods hukka 41. Mysteriumssangen Kirkeby Kvalitet 42. The Exhilaration Of Spontaneous Ascension TKurata 43. Moving Hands Yossarian




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