What follows are some trivia on the originals songs from the Alle har fått nok av Eivind Kirkeby. The songs are listed in alphabetical order.

A Very Short Song About A Random Online Guy

This guy I had close to no idea who was started talking to me online, as if he knew me. He started going on and on about how he needed a new hard drive, saying his old one had been destroyed, and started mentioning models and dollar figures. Politely I kept the conversation going with replies like "Okay, I see" and "Sure", while baffled by the whole incident. I think I might have written this while we were actually talking.

A Very Short Song About Kissing

Kissing can be quite addictive. Also, I think I had some problems deciding on the title for this one, since it's not actually about kissing, per se, until I decided I was being too pedantic. And that was that.

A Very Short Song About Sendspace

Written while waiting for my download on Sendspace, Rapidshare, Megaupload, or one of those sites, where they force you to wait - and sometimes come back later - unless you decide to pay for a subscription to their services. Always annoying.

Care Bears On TV

I really liked the song "Underwear" by The Hidden Cameras, but I wasn't overly thrilled about the sexual tones to it. So I wanted to write a similar song, about the joys of youth but without the sex. It ended up sounding pretty different, and being sadder than I'd expected.

Composing Mail Today

I think this was a leftover from the last collection of songs, and I believe I recorded it during or shortly after I had - you'll never believe this - composed some mail.

Don't Badger Me

For this I wanted to see how many animals and animal-related words I could manage to use. In the end, about six. These are the words I used: badger, bark(ing), bats, hound, howl, miaow.

Dragon Tales On TV

Two parts of this song I had laying around for a while - the John Rawls and slam shut the door verses, to be exact - before I was able to turn it into this.

Du Er Aldri Grei Mot Meg

Translates to You are never nice to me.


One of those songs I only vaguely recall recording, so I can't say anything about the context in which it was created. The lyrics are fairly straightforward though.

The Exhilaration Of Spontaneous Ascension

At a small party in the small apartment of a small friend I was lifted up by another friend. I remember this making me feel ecstatic, like I'd just gotten a shot of pure liquid happiness. If you can live in a world where you can find yourself semi-spontaneously lifted off the ground, despite being considered above the age where such a thing would be appropriate, then there just might be some hope for us yet. The idea of happiness through being lifted up eventually lead me to write this song.

How Everyone Occasionally Feels

Loosely inspired by a friend from abroad whom I spent a weekend with. I imagined the chorus would make for a great sing along, but not sure if that will ever happen.

I Want Action Figures For Christmas

I've wanted various action figures for several Christmasses now, but never gotten any.* So, this is basically a song about that. I wanted to list various action figures I wanted within the song, but only managed to reference two specific ones and three action figure franchises. If you're curious as to some of the action figures (and other toys) I want, you can look at my wish list.

* And in the meantime, those action figures have of course gone out of production, become increasingly rare, and increased in price.

Moving Hands

One of the songs, if not the song, I've taken the longest to finish. This song started coming into life when my friend Stian Skandsen had come up with some chords which he showed me during one of our odd jam sessions. He didn't really have a vocal melody down, nor any lyrics or clear themes. I recorded a few demos of him playing through it so I could work on it on my own. He felt it had a similar sound to the band The Hidden Cameras, and we ended up tentatively titling it "Happy Gay Song". By the time I finally had a melody and the lyrics down Stian had moved to Malta. I'd still like to record a version using his excellent strumming pattern. I'm arguably not the best vocalist for this song as I'm not able to reach the high note of the chorus. In my opinion some of the best (and most sensual) lyrics I've written so far.

My Horse & Me

An alternate version of the version you'll find on the as of yet unfinished EP Whatever happened to blast processing? This was inspired by receiving some spam from Amazon for the game of the same name.


Arguably a bit of a rip off of The Black Lines' excellent song "Black Lips", as found on their EP by the same name (and here). I was actually working on a cover of that song around the time when I wrote this, and shortly thereafter realized they sounded suspiciously similar. Fortunately The Black Lines seemed fine with it, though for all I know they could be holding a grudge and be plotting my downfall.

Our Respective Gods

I believe this was written and recorded shortly after new year's.


Title translates to Meanie, or Bad guy, and the lyrics translate to Why are you so mean to me? I have a recurring passing fascination for songs with only a line or two of lyrics, like Jonathan Richman's "Gail Loves Me" and "I'm Just Beginning To Live", which manage to avoid sounding minimalistic and repetitive. I was also very proud that I was able to replicate the vocal melody on the piano, showing that my piano skills were actually improving.

Sweet Evening Air #1 & #2

Most people seem to prefer #1, but personally I prefer #2, mostly because #1 sounds too similar to too many of my other songs whereas I don't have many songs which sound much like #2.

Sweet Sufficient Frequency

Initially wasn't sure if this song warranted the sweet prefix, but eventually decided that, yes, it was sufficiently sexual.

Så Smil!

The title translates to So smile! And the lyrics are I try to get you to smile more than you have before, I try to get you to smile more than you usually do, then Smile to the world and it will smile to you, but if it doesn't smile at least I'll be smiling.

Think Positive, Let's Go!

I'm not a big fan of MacDonald's, though their desserts are pretty tasty, and I once had a birthday party there when I was young.

Yummy Red Apples

This was originally A Very Short Song About Yummy Red Apples - which was included on the previous album - until I came up with a couple more verses.



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