Various recordings, most of which were considered for a spot on the CD. Some simply weren't good enough, while some others there simply wasn't room for.

A Very Short Throwaway Love / Hate Song

One of those where the title pretty much says it all.

Belly Of The Dragon

I think I briefly pretended I was in some kind of metal band, and this was the potential chorus I thought of for a potential song of my pretend metal band.


Wanted to try making this into a full song, but didn't know where to go with it.

The Good Stuff

I was talking to a friend online, and he mentioned something about having the good stuff. In a fit of inspiration, I came up with some lyrics and made a brief little song about it.

Moving Hands [Instrumental]

The instrumental demo recording I worked off of, played by Stian Skandsen. If my computer is to be trusted, this was recorded in 2007, meaning it took about three years for this song to get done.

I Don't Know

Improvised on a strange three-stringed guitar-like instrument, to see if it could actually be used for something. I'm not sure if it can.

I Don't Love You

A brief a cappella attempt.

I Love You

Fairly dull. But at least it's short.

Ignore It

Some sound advice. For some cases.

Ikke Si At Det Er Over [Alternate Version]

Recorded around the same time as the version that made it onto Du fortjener bedre enn Eivind Kirkeby. This is calmer, but I made a couple of mistakes, which is why I opted for the louder version. Also, this version doesn't have the same instrumental bit as the louder version.

Let's Do It Tonight

A very rough demo that I never got around to working on much. Apart from the chorus, which is Let's do it tonight, the rest of the words are pretty much just nonsense and placeholders for potentially proper lyrics.

Neon Letters

Semi-improvised with more placeholder lyrics, though they're less nonsensical and the concept behind the song overall is conveyed through them.

Slemming [Instrumental]

An instrumental version played on a keyboard I've rarely tried using.

Sorry, But The Number You Have Dialed Cannot Be Reached

I'd been invited to play at a gig in Manchester, but as I had planned a trip to Germany I was then unable to make it happen. So instead I was supposed to do a live duet over the phone with Tom of Yossarian, singing my song "I Suck". So on the night of the gig I locked myself in my hotel room, waiting for the phone call, but it never came. Apparently it was due to the bad reception, and the reception probably would have been better if I hadn't locked myself in the hotel room, and maybe been in the hallway or someplace outside. I felt pretty bad about that, both for myself and for Tom, and recorded this brief ditty in my hotel room's bathroom.


Desert Island

A classic song by The Magnetic Fields, from their Holiday album. We all want to be a desert island for our loved ones, where they can be free and laugh (and feel each other's butts).

Standard Bitter Love Song #1

I've done a number of covers of The Mountain Goats songs through the year, and I think this is one of my best - and most interesting - ones. It's a shame this song has never gotten a proper release.

Waking Up To You

A great little love song from Hefner's final studio album, Dead Media. I consider Hefner my favourite band, and Dead Media as either their best or second best album. I was sad I wasn't able to include this on the CD, as the band (and the Dead Media album) deserves wider recognition.


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